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Lemon Crush Cliq Pod + Battery Kit
.5g Vaporizers
Strain Type
< 7 Minutes
30 Minutes - 2 Hours
The Story
Lemon Crush emits a pungent, overpowering classic scent that embodies its lineage. Mixing with the skunky odour is a refreshing citrusy, lemony scent with a herbal quality to go along with a sweet note. The psychoactive traits of Lemon Crush are starts off with an invigorating buzz that energizes the mind and the body. The initial euphoric high also ushers in the sense of happiness and a clear, focused head high. These can be intense and elevate the level of sensitivity to the surroundings but does not become overwhelming. After a while, the physical effects start to manifest, and this is felt by muscles loosening up. As tensions leave the body, the mood turns much more light. For most people, even a moderate dosage is enough to feel an overwhelming desire to stop physical activities and instead lounge in a comfortable seat or go to bed.Some reactions that come with the use of this cultivar are cottonmouth, dry eyes, and dizziness. Although unlikely even when the dosage is high, some people might feel anxious or paranoid. Cliq is the culmination of years of research and development to combine our renowned high-quality Elite oil with an intelligently designed vape delivery system. From the proprietary gravity-fed pod to the contoured stainless-steel encasing, Cliq comfortably brings the best of premium oil and innovative hardware into the palm of your hand.